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Here at Saphex we understand that whether you designing a new system or wanting to replace a old heat exchanger this can be difficult as many factors go into designing a heat exchanger and their are many factors to consider E.g Heat load (KW), Flow Rates, on and off temps both sides depending on type of application and whether your recovering or dumping the heat and ambient temps etc.

Many people get confused with this and we have many request to price up a heat exchanger based on KW alone. No reputable company will sell you a heat exchanger with just the KW as this is only one part of the formula that goes into designing a heat exchanger. see example below of two 125kw Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.

As you can see by changing the ambient temp from 15 Deg C to 35 Deg C to cope with those few hot days in the UK can increase the unit size which result in a higher cost to the customer. We always advice our customers their options so price and quality are not compromised here at saphex.

To be clear changing any of the specifications slightly can alter price dramatically please make sure when you are comparing prices for heat exchanges that the calculations are the same.

Don’t worry if you are not sure exactly what you require and don’t fully understand as our team are here to help you get the best product for your requirement’s and will help you at all stages through your design.

See below another example of changing the required outlet temp on the secondary closer to  primary inlet temp. See size comparison 


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require help.