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Domestic/Light Commercial Plate heat exchanger’s

Saphex manufacture industrial heat exchangers but due to increase in demand we now sell domestic/light commercial plate heat exchanger’s. These are used to transfer the heating supplied from the boiler to another heat source for example a pool. (Note we do not sell replacement plate heat exchanger’s which go inside the boiler.)


Domestic/Light Commercial Plate heat exchanger Price list

  • Boiler side:- Inlet/Outlet Temps  80/60Deg C
  • Secondary:- Inlet/Outlet Temps 40/60Deg C
  • Pressure drops under 30kpa-0.3/Bar.   Min 10% Oversize for fouling.
  • Max/Min Temp:- 230Deg C/-100Deg C
  • Max Pressure:- 30Bar
  • Material:- Stainless Steel 316 Plates. Brazed together with a copper braze.(Stainless steel with stainless braze construction available on request.)
Duty kW Model Fittings Male BSP Price Insulation jackets
1-48 SPX12-30-3 4 3/4″ £159.00 £65.00
48-120 SPX31-30-1 1″ £255.00 £70.00
121-190 SPX31-50-5 4 1 1/4″ £380.00 £75.00
190-250 SPX31-80-5 4 1 1/4″ £462.00 £80.00
255-280 SPX31-110-5 4 1 1/4″ £590.00 £92.50
280-450 SPX110-40l-2 2″ £947.00 £105.00

All prices are subject to VAT

It Is important to check the boiler’s duties always read the boiler’s manufactures data spec sheet and find what flow rates/temperatures the boiler work’s at at its optimum duty kW.

If you have a different criteria to the above please send the detail’s over to and we will spec the heat exchanger to suit your requirements.