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Swimming pool heat exchangers

EVO Range


The Evo range are ceramic heat exchangers designed for environments which use chemicals such as salt water & chlorine. The EQ Version is fully equipped with an autonomous control system a integrated pump, controller and sensors for the water temperature of the pool.

Max Pressure: 3 bar / 43.5 psi

Max Temp:

Tube Side: 80Deg C / 176Deg F  Shell Side: 60Deg C / 140Deg F

B-LINE Range


The B-Line range is a fully welded 316l stainless steel type heat exchanger. suitable for aggressive substances such as fluorine, chlorine ect.


Max Pressure: 16bar / 232psi

Max Temp: 203Deg C / 397Deg F



REV Line Range




The REV Line range is a 3pass construction for better heat exchange efficiency. stainless steel construction or Titanium options available for salt water pools.

Max Pressure: 16bar / 232psi

Max Temp: 150Deg C / 302Deg F




TI Range


The TI Range is suitable for salt water pools and is also OK for chlorine, fluorine as well as high temperature and high pressure systems. Titanium construction

Max Pressure: 16bar / 232psi

Max Temp: 150Deg C / 302Deg F