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About Clix

What is clix?

Clix is a modular heat exchanger which is used mainly in around forced coolers/dry air coolers. It is designed to combat issues with regular coils for example cleaning, access, etc.

Key Benefits Include

  • Strength: Clix units can be walked on and pressure washed without bending/damaging the tube or fins.
  • Modular: Made up in modular sections this can save on crane cost or be fitted in hard to access areas.
  • Cleaning: Can be split apart easily for basic maintenance for servicing cleaning etc.
  • Costings: (Copper coil aluminium fin coils are 5-10% cheaper than clix) (stainless coils 50% more expensive than clix) (copper coil copper fin 5-10% more expensive)
  • Lifespan: Clix can last a lifetime it has been tested at Sheffield university and went 2million cycles no problems
  • De-ionized water: Clix can be used instead of stainless steel  saving major costs as De-ionized water does not effect aluminium.
  • Adding/Remove tubes: because the clix unit is modular you can takeaway or add tubes if required. If you damage a tube no problems just take out a tube and carry on using your heat exchanger. If you need added capacity just add tubes. Hours of downtime instead of weeks or months waiting for a new unit.
  • Lead times: 90% of Clix units can be completed in around a week very quick lead times.
  • Self Build: we can supply just the tubes  so you can build the units yourselves saving on labour costs as basic skills are required to build the units.
  • Galvanic corrosion: has clix is just aluminium not dissimilar metals i.e. copper and aluminium clix does not suffer from galvanic corrosion.
  • Coatings: Clix tubes can be coated to protect from ammonia and adverse environments etc.
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