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SAPHEX Air Blast Coolers

Air Blast Coolers

Here at Saphex we can Design, Repair, Manufacture & Service Air blast coolers.

Air blast coolers can be used on Combined heat and power, industrial process equipment, generators and many more.

Here at Saphex we will work with our client to get the right solution from choosing what materials to use for the heat exchanger, space requirements, low temp, low noise fans we have a solution please don’t hesitate to ask if you have specific requirements.

Saphex has two types of Dry Air coolers we have the ‘Coil’ Type Copper tube aluminium fin and we have the ‘Clix’ type fully Aluminium for info please see below.


Patented Technology made from aluminium the ‘Clix’ heat exchanger is made up from modular component’s. Very simple to assemble and dissemble with little or no experience.

Benefits Include:-

  • Easily split apart for cleaning
  • Can be built in hard to a access areas
  • Can be walked on and pressure washed
  • Small budget? DIY we can sell you the components to build yourself. (Designs included for free)
  • We can supply just the headers and tube if you can aluminium weld.
  • Can be used instead of stainless when de-ionised water is required
  • No galvanic corrosion.
  • Lead Times very quick turnaround

Twisted Fin Clix heat exchanger

Longitudinal Fin
Clix heat exchanger


Coil’s have been used in the heat exchanger industry for many year’s. Here at Saphex we can design & manufacture new or can replace and repair coil’s.

Coil heat exchanger