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Combined Heat & Power

Saphex offers bespoke systems to recover wasted energy from various heat sources. The economical recovery of energy not only saves money financially but also reduces C0² emissions and gives more self control on energy requirements.

Saphex have been involved in many energy recovery projects from under 100kW to over 10MW and have a wealth of knowledge to assist in the success of your heat recovery project.

The capital cost of the installation can often be self – financing and other incentives offered by government may be applicable making this an attractive energy solution.

  • Is there any other financial assistance available by the way of grants etc? It may be possible we can arrange asset finance for your project so the initial energy recovered pays for the project.
  • Can i sell the recovered energy locally? Yes selling to your neighbours can bring in a generous income. 


  1. Establish the amount of energy that can be recovered from the liquid/gas at what temperature and volume per hour.
  2. Is the recovered energy useful either to you or some other.
  3. What is the cost both capital and to operate the system.

Typical Example.

A 1106kW gross engine power diesel generator with recoverable thermal energy available,

Jacket water 395kW/hr

Exhaust Gas 780kW/hr

Total 1178kW/hr

1178kW/hr x £0.06 (energy cost) x 4,000 hours year = Saving £282,720.00 per annum.

Cost Example Heat Recovery Package Installed.

Capital Cost                               £200,000.00

Operating Cost Year             £20,000.00

Energy Recovered Yearly   £282,720.00

Cost Example Heat Recovery Package Installed.  (3 YEAR LEASE OPTION)

Yearly Lease Cost                    £122,148.00

Yearly Operating Cost            £20,000.00

Energy Recovered Yearly      £282,720.00