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SAPHEX Plate Heat Exchangers

About Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers has become one of the most popular types of heat exchanger. There are two popular types the first is the all gasket plate heat exchanger and the second is the brazed plate heat exchanger.

Both types have their advantages, for example the gasket type offer excellent thermal performance to size ratio when compared to a shell & tube heat exchanger design. Cleaning and repairs are generally much easier to carry out on the gasket type plate heat exchanger and in many cases have a lower capital cost. For these reasons this type of heat exchanger is popular with engineers for many types of industrial applications.

Brazed type are more compact & generally cheaper than plate & gasket on smaller applications. These are kept in stock or have very quick lead times if not.

Both the gasket & brazed plate heat exchanger are commonly manufactured using Stainless steel for the heat transfer plates with other materials such as Titanium & Duplex being widely available.

See Example above on our our design software. This selects a heat exchanger to suit your needs all inputs are in the left hand column (Right click view image for larger viewing)

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