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Heat exchanger consultancy services

Do you require a heat exchanger but don’t know what information to give or how to obtain the information required look no further Saphex are here to help!

By using our consultancy service, you will ensure you get the right product for what you require.

The benefits of using our consultancy service before acquiring a heat exchanger.

  • Efficient product’s Saphex will ensure the product is energy efficient as possible to lower them bills
  • You are not Tied in to purchasing from Saphex only.
  • Saphex work with a number of other Heat Exchanger Companies and know where to go for which products and will point you in the right direction we will also make 1st contact and ensure you are getting the best service and best products at the right price.
  • On 9/10 Occasions. Our customers save more money by using the consultancy service as we ensure the customer gets the best quality at the best price’s for their system. We help every step of the way.


Our Consultancy Fee’s are £55.00Per Hour.

Example of the Costs saving below.

Job Description. Cool down machinery and re-use the unwanted heat throughout the factory. Original Budget Quotation from a Heat Exchanger Company. £46,560.00.

Saphex Charge 1day on site and 2 days designing and consulting with the original heat exchanger quotation company. Total Consultancy Fee. £1320.00 Not only did this help the original quotation company get the exact info they required with some design changes the customer got a better design utilising better material and also got a better price. £39,600.00. Total Savings:- £5640.00

Our customers have told us by having design consulting advise on the best & most suitable design for their applications has saved not only their time also large savings on the heat exchangers through practical designs and approaching the right suppliers and most of all peace of mind.