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Heat exchanger & system design consultancy services

Saphex deals with many customers who don’t exactly understand the design constraints of  the heat exchangers on their systems & problem solving to understand what causes overheating under performance issues etc.

Wayne nelson the MD of Saphex has been consulting for 10+ years from small manufacturing to blue chip companies.

we regularly go out to sites for our regular customers consulting on their behalf however now we have decided to offer this as a service to all our customers new and existing.

About Wayne Nelson (Design Consultant)

  • 1978: At the age 16 started work at Hatfield processing.
  • 1979: Started at Serck- Making number plates
  • 1980: Serck- Repairing radiators
  • 1981: Become service manger at Serck London
  • 1982: Become manager at Serck Dunstable
  • 1983: Become service manager at Serck Huddersfield
  • 1985: Setup his own business (Nelson Heat Transfer.)
  • 2011: Setup Clixcoolers.
  • 2015: Setup Saphex heat exchangers

Wayne has a wide knowledge of processing equipment from CHP – biomass/gas, heat recovery applications, Power generation equipment and many more.

We can also use our 2D/3D in house Cad team to help with your designs for schematics visual representations etc.

Our customers have told us by having a design consulting advise on the best & most suitable design for their applications has saved not only their time also large savings on the heat exchangers through practical designs and approaching the right suppliers and most of all peace of mind.